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Ministering through Classes

I have worked at Lowcountry Pregnancy Center/DAZZ since 1993, yet it never ceases to amaze me the number of times clients come through our doors just to thank us for helping them months, years or even decades ago.

One such client came in just to thank her peer counselor for loving her through a difficult time. She then went on to say how grateful she was for encouraging her to attend our parenting classes. “These classes were so helpful to me, I felt like I could do this”, were her words.

It is not enough for us to ask our clients to choose life without helping equip them to be better parents. Last year alone, 1,278 classes were taught through our ministry in North Charleston and Orangeburg!

God bless you for helping our clients be who God created them to be as parents through your generous donations.

Friends for Life

Joy Yarborough


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