• Joy

Ultrasound: A Window to Life

There is so much that I could say about how the ability to perform ultrasounds has changed and impacted our ministry in a mighty way for life, but who can say it better than those who have benefited from an ultrasound at one of our centers. Here are some quotes from clients who received an ultrasound through our ministry:

"Seeing the ultrasound helped me to feel more courage to be able to care for this baby."

"It gives me a feeling of love. I had the opportunity to see my baby and the heartbeat."

"This baby has a purpose from God."

"It helped me realize that this is an actual child."

"Makes me more happy and I am keeping it!"

Without your support we would not be able to provide this life saving service to our clients. It is a true window to the womb that is changing hearts and minds.

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